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Some of the figures in my work are concealed or partly hidden behind masks, others appear to be walking out of the canvas. They all seem to be engaged in the same activity and yet they are also quite independent each from the other.


My present concerns are with the roles we play in private and in public, how we mask our thoughts and emotions, how we have a public and a private face; we play a part, & the roles that we play change according to the company we keep. Many of the paintings include birds; some of these are flying out of the paintings and some of them look as if they may be stuffed or be tin windup toys.


The paintings present a humorous exterior whilst hinting at another, quite darker, truth behind their façade.

Shall We Follow_.jpg
Shall We Follow?
Dancing In The Street.jpg
Dancing In The Street
The Performance.jpg
The Performance 
The Performance 2.jpg
The Performance 2
Whilst The Muic lasts           sic Last
Whilst The Music Lasts
Something In The Way She Sings.jpg
Something In The Way She Sings
The Triumph Of Hope .jpg
The Triumph Of Hope
Standing On The Outside.jpg
Standing on the Outside
Did You Hear The Dance.jpg
Can You Hear The Dance
Found At The Museum.jpg
Found At The Museum
One Day In May.jpg
One Day In May
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