For many years I lived and worked in Coventry, this gave me the opportunity to investigate the story of Lady Godiva, I decided to take her as a female icon and transform her from being a Saxon Lady to a 20 century woman.


This series of paintings reflects my concern for feminist issues, I have taken Godiva as I female icon because although a lot has been written about her it is not certain that the histories are truth or myth. Nothing was written of Godiva until 300 years after her death, so the tales are not too reliable, This allowed me to invent new visual myths that reference to women today and their role in society.

Go-Diva Comes Up For Air
Go-Diva Cuts Her Hair
Go-Diva Lets The Fish Out Of
The Bag
Go-Diva Leading The Girls
Go-Diva Drops Her Handbag
Go-Diva Out To Lunch
Go-Diva Sometimes Dreams
She Can Fly
Go-Diva Dances Round
Her Handbag
Go-Diva Takes Up Bareback Riding
Go-Diva Jumps Over The Sleeping Horse
Go-Diva Takes A Break
Go-Diva Wants The Pup
Go-Diva Rides Into The Night


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