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The Having Fun series takes an ironic look at a number of gender issues that concern women, some of the paintings are playful, as in Splashing In The Shallow Sea & Bouncing Balls On The Beach, others are more serious, for example Fun In The Park & Tomorrow and Its Tomorrows, This series of works led to the series Telling Tales, the issues overlap.

Many of the paintings feature Dogs, who often seem to be controlling their owner.

The Messenger.jpg
The Messenger
Walking In The Daisy Park.jpg
Walking In The Daisy Park
Under The Painting.jpg
Under the Painting
Winter Walkers.jpg
Winter Walk
Dancing with Roses
The Chase.jpg
The Chase
Morning On The Moor.jpg
Morning on the Moor
Bouncing Balls On The Beach.jpg
Bouncing Balls On The Beach
Fun inThe Park.jpg
Fun In The Park
Splashing In The Shallow Sea
Splashing In The Shallow Sea
The Calculator
The Calculator
Outside The Rose Garden
Outside The Rose Garden
Having Fun- Waiting In The Woods V1.jpg
Waiting in the Woods
Tomorrow and its Tomorrows
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