Telling Tales, can be interrupted in a number of ways, as  ‘telling a story’, or as’ not quite telling the truth’, or even as ‘telling something that should have been kept a secret.’


I like complex compositions; many of my larger canvases are divided up into sections rather like a triptych. Each painting tells a story and there is some progression from one painting to another, recurring images tie individual paintings to others in the series.


The titles offer a clue towards an explanation of the work but there is more that needs to be brought to the paintings in order to provide a fuller understanding. The paintings have fragmented compositions; with single, double, sometimes triple subsections, there is an implied narrative; some figures seem to be looking backwards, others forwards. They may be memories; or reflections as seen through plate glass windows, or a series of mirrors. Figures, Fruit, Flowers, Birds, Cats and Dogs appear within the compositions. Their role is not certain, they require an explanation.

Beyond the Balcony
A Boy Needs A Dog
Gathering Pale Pink Roses
Final Stair
Sometimes I Hear A Noise
Like Farewell
A Mansion On Earth Is Worth
Two In The Sky
The Space Between Cannot
Hear You
The Sea Is Our Looking Glass
Birthday Butterfly Cakes
Sleeping In An Eternal Dream
Cold Lunch For Twelve
Around Unseen Corners
Closer To The Stars
There Was But One Fruit Remaining
The Shadows Settle
Into Place
When Innocents Shed Tears
Taking A Shot
Which Image In The Mirror
Strange Bird By The River


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