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I am fascinated by built structures, particularly ecclesiastical buildings. The wonder of how the vaulted ceilings were achieved and the immenseness and rich complexity of detail that build as parts to the whole.  Many old buildings have been reconfigured with glass roofs to provide more space and light, I have used these glass ceilings as a subject to paint.  

I also paint Fruit, Flowers, and Cakes. I think it’s the seductiveness of these subjects, the wonderful array of flowers is a constant source of inspiration for my work, I love Lilies, Roses, Tulips, they force me to paint them, the cakes I enjoy are Tarts, Eclairs and Meringues. 


These non figurative paintings  require close observation and attention to colour, form and pattern, providing a challenge of paint manipulation.

Italian duomo ceiling Resized.jpg
Italian Duomo Ceiling
Glass Roof At The Museum 2015.jpg
Glass Roof at the Museum
Ripe Strawberries Resized.jpg
Ripe Strawberries
Three Pears.jpg
Three Pears
Red Tulips From Cornwall Resized.jpg
Red Tulips from Cornwall
cast shadows v3.jpg
Cast Shadows
Letting In More Light 2016.jpg
Letting in More Light
Glass Ceiling Over The Cafe
Church Vaulting
Church Vaulting
Ox Eye Daisies 2018.jpg
Ox Eye Daisies
Mothers Day Roses Resized.jpg
Mothers Day Roses
White lilies in a blue jug Resized.jpg
White Lilies in a Blue Jug
Pink Tulips Resized.jpg
Pink Tulips
Sliced Watermelon.jpg
Sliced Watermelon
A Dish Of Cherries
A Dish Of Cherries
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