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After several months of Lockdown and an unwillingness to get to my studio, I finally began to want to work again and continued with the theme of Family and Friends Eating Together. There are now 10 paintings in this series.

Current Works
My Daughters and Me taking Tea in the Gsrtden.jpg
Twelve Eat Supper Together V2.jpg
My Daughters and Me taking Tea in the Garden
Twelve Eating Supper Together
waiting for the Event.jpg
Waiting for the Event
Preparing The Venue.jpg
Preparing the Venue
 Outside Cafe.jpg
Outside Cafe
Dinning Indoors.jpg
Dining Indoors
Birthday Celebrations.jpg
Birthday Celebrations
Seaside Cafe.jpg
Seaside Cafe
Museum Cafe.jpg
Lunch at the Museum
Eating Alone.jpg
Eating Alone
Playing Games

Since the beginning of 2022 I have started on a new series of work. The title of this new series is ‘Playing Games’ the first of these are based on Tennis. I am planning others based on Football, these are all at an early stage of development.

Bat out of Hell.jpg
Bat Out Of Hell
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