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Still Pictures is the collective title of a new series of work started in 2017 & continuing into 2018. I grab images from Film & Television, I cut and stick fragments of these images together with fragments from personal photographs & make collages from them. I then laminate these collages, this provides me with a distancing and a change in colour and form using this method allows me to reassess the content of the complex images, I can then develop the images further on the canvas.

By placing the images in a new context I gain the possibility for a re-evaluation of the narrative content. There are a large number of paintings in this series, they have developed a rather dark and mysterious aspect, this reflects a general feeling of uncertainty and disquiet that is common in British society today. There is hope but there is also a sadness.

The Dance Master.jpg
The Dance Master
Not For Me
Not For Me
The Chorus.jpg
The Chorus
Not In The Water.jpg
Not In The Water
Dancing On Thr Dunes.jpg
Dancing On The Dunes
Final Adjustments.jpg
Final Adjustments
IMG_5975 ed.jpg
Girl With A Tulip
Catching shadows IMG_8491 ed.jpg
Catching Shadows
Bird Market.jpg
Bird Market
Two Fish On A Dish IMG_5854 ed.jpg
Two Fish On A Dish
A Bird In The Hand.jpg
A Bird In The Hand
Playing A Part.jpg
Playing A Part
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