Still Pictures is the collective title of a new series of work started in 2017 & continuing into 2018. I grab images from Film & Television, I cut and stick fragments of these images together with fragments from personal photographs & make collages from them. I then laminate these collages, this provides me with a distancing and a change in colour and form using this method allows me to reassess the content of the complex images, I can then develop the images further on the canvas.

By placing the images in a new context I gain the possibility for a re-evaluation of the narrative content. There are a large number of paintings in this series, they have developed a rather dark and mysterious aspect, this reflects a general feeling of uncertainty and disquiet that is common in British society today. There is hope but there is also a sadness.

The Dance Master
Not For Me
The Chorus
Not In The Water
Dancing On The Dunes
Final Adjustments
Girl With A Tulip
Catching Shadows
Bird Market
Two Fish On A Dish
A Bird In The Hand
Playing A Part


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